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Colorful super strong magnetic hooks

  • Colorful Magnetic Hooks
  • Colorful Magnetic Hooks
  • Colorful Magnetic Hooks
  • Colorful Magnetic Hooks
  • Colorful Magnetic Hooks
Colorful Magnetic HooksColorful Magnetic HooksColorful Magnetic HooksColorful Magnetic HooksColorful Magnetic Hooks

Colorful Magnetic Hooks

  • colorful super strong magnetic hooks
  • magnetic hooks for school. kitchen. refrigerator, fridge
  • magnetic hooks heavy duty
  • 20LBS,30LBs,50LBS,100LBS,
  • Product description: D10,D12,D16,D20,D25,D32,D36,D42D48,-D75mm colorful super strong magnetic hooks,20LBS,30LBs,50LBS,100LBS,imans.


The magnetic hooks (also called hook magnet) consists of a hook on the top of a steel cup, which contains a magnet, and the internal magnet is usually neodymium iron boron Compared with a separate magnet, the magnetic force of the magnetic hook is very strong, and the effective magnetic circuit generated by the pot-shaped magnet concentrates all the magnetic fields on one side, so that the magnetic force is several times stronger. The magnetic hook is very durable, and the hard and sturdy steel casing ensures that the magnet will not break as easily as a separate magnet, because the magnet is safely stored in the steel cup and can be well prevented from breaking in the event of a collision.


Because magnetism is permanent, it is safer than traditional hooks. A variety of different styles of hooks can be used in a variety of handling methods. The magnetic force ranges from 3kg to 1000kg, which can almost meet all kinds of handling operations. Magnetic hooks are widely used to hang and fix coats, clothes, plants, pictures, wallets, cups, flower pots, hardware, storage cabinets, kitchen tools, barbecue/grill tools, fish... Usually, these magnetic hooks are attached to Walls, metal doors, glass windows, ceilings, drains for hanging.

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