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Square magnet with countersunk

  • Block Magnets With Countersunk
  • Block Magnets With Countersunk
  • Block Magnets With Countersunk
  • Block Magnets With Countersunk
Block Magnets With CountersunkBlock Magnets With CountersunkBlock Magnets With CountersunkBlock Magnets With Countersunk

Block Magnets With Countersunk

  • Strong magnetic customization
  • neodymium iron boron magnet
  • block magnets with holes,
  • countersunk rare earth magnets,
  • Product description: Neodymium strong magnetic square magnet with hole, N35-N52, strong magnetic customization, neodymium iron boron permanent magnet magnet, door stopper magnet, double hole single hole countersunk hole,

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Neodymium magnets are widely used in furniture production, exhibition stands, packaging, creative inventions, steel industry, etc. They also have many uses in engineering and manufacturing.

E catalogue

please refer to our catalogue to check your demand size: Block magnets with countersunk
Welcome to customized.

Choose The Magnet Grade

N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52,  N35M-N50M,  N33H-N48H,  N30SH-N35SH and so on.

Choose according to the performance strength and working temperature of the magnet required, please refer to:Magnet performance grade


Commonly are nickel-plated, zinc-plated, colored gold-plated, and epoxy-plated. The most commonly used is Ni-Cu-Ni.

Magnetizing direction

The magnetization direction of circular magnets, radial magnetization and axial magnetization.

Square magnet magnetization direction, thickness magnetization and side magnetization.

Magnetizing direction of multi-pole magnets, including circular magnets and ring magnets, Quadrupole magnets,hexode-polar magnets magnets, sextupole magnets.

Add logo (1-3 Days)

Our customer have fully control of the logo, We have many kinds of marking methods, stickers, laser printing.

Provide accessories service

If your magnets needs stickers, packaging or retail bags, We will provide the perfect matching service. And have helped a lot of clients in this regard.

Lead Time

We have lots of N35 in stock,all of these are hot selling size.Mass production can save money for our customers and deliver goods quickly.

Some high-grade magnets requirements generally need to be customized, Welcome to customize with drawings. customization time is 10-15 days according to the quantity.
Free Samples

Free samples are available.

Magnet transportation requires magnetic isolation packaging, whether express, air or sea, railway. In addition, additional magnetic inspection fees are required for air transportation and express delivery. We will use packaging of appropriate size to share difficulties and reduce costs for our customers.

Shipping could choose by air,by express, Special line, by sea, by railway.depends your budget and demands.Timely delivery is a powerful guarantee for long-term cooperation.

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