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Block magnet

  • Block Magnets
  • Block Magnets
  • Block Magnets
  • Block Magnets
Block MagnetsBlock MagnetsBlock MagnetsBlock Magnets

Block Magnets

  • Bar-rectangular-block- Square magnets
  • Neodymium(NdFeB) strong magnet
  • N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52
  • magnetic material
  • Product description: Neodymium magnets are widely used in furniture production, exhibition stands, packaging, creative inventions, steel industry, etc. They also have many uses in engineering and manufacturing.Imans.

Magnet Grade

For more detailed performance, please refer to:Magnet performance grade


We have zinc plating and nickel plating. They have obvious differences in appearance, corrosion resistance, service life, and price.

Large size, small size,for more size, please refer to our catlogue: Catalogue of block magnet
Welcome to customized.


We have lots of N35 in stock,all of these are hot selling size.Mass production can save money for our customers and deliver goods quickly. Some high-grade like N35-N52,  N35M-N50M,  N33H-N48H,  N30SH-N35SH requirements generally need to be customized, and the customization time is 10-30 days according to the quantity.
OEM communication(1-3 Days)

Our customer have fully control of the logo, We have many kinds of marking methods, stickers, laser printing.
Samples(7-10 Days)

Free samples are available. the lead time depends which is in stock or needs customized.
Contract and Payment(1 Day)

Contracts are legally binding You should be aware that payment of adeposit and/or signing any documents might mean you have enteredinto a contract and are bound by the terms and conditions ofthat contract. Once you agree to a contract, you are committed to it,so it is important you are comfortable with the contract terms.
We accept T/T and West union or other payment methods you like.
Bulk Producing(20-30 Days)

In stock ones only needs 5-7days to prepare and packaging.
About costumized,we would take times to preparethe material and to finish the order, it will takes about 10-30 days.

Magnet transportation requires magnetic isolation packaging, whether express, air or sea, railway. In addition, additional magnetic inspection fees are required for air transportation and express delivery. We will use packaging of appropriate size to share difficulties and reduce costs for our customers.

Shipping could choose by express, air or sea, railway.depends your budget and the quantity.

Customer Acceptance

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