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Henan Ando Magnetics was established in 2010, engaged in the research and development of permanent magnet materials, the development and sales of magnetic application products, among which magnetic materials are widely used in wind power generation, new energy vehicles, auto parts, energy-saving inverter air conditioners, energy-saving elevators, robots, various Such as motors (motor magnets), medical equipment, household appliances, national defense, aerospace and other high-tech fields; as well as packaging magnets, magnets for textiles and clothing and other common uses in life. Our permanent magnet products involve magnetic disks, cylindrical magnets, square magnets, round countersunk magnets, square countersunk magnets, multi-polar magnets, ring magnets, arc magnets, fishing magnets and related pot magnets, magnetic hooks, rubber coated magnets and various kinds custom magnet products.

Our company has passed the ISO9001 and ROSH quality system certifications in line with the quality policy of "reputation-based, quality first; excellence, never-ending". With high-quality products and thoughtful services, our company has established a long-term friendly relationship with many customers at home and abroad. Partnership. In the future, Ando Magnetics will continue to increase investment. The sincere service tenet and complete resources will help enterprises achieve their business goals. We are willing to go hand in hand with you to create a better future

Corporate culture: We firmly believe that we should always be honest, law-abiding, and be open to people, things, and businesses. Products that satisfy customers, as a provider of strategic supply chain solutions, we have the unique ability to meet customer needs. From the initial design of the magnet to the final delivery, our magnet experts can provide you with the most professional support.

We promise: under strict quality standards, to ensure the consistency of performance; under the premise of on-time delivery, to ensure the stability of the supply; under the principle of thoughtful service, to ensure the competitiveness of prices.



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